About Katikati

Katikati is a communication product from Lark Social Impact (LSI),
a social venture with origins in Cambridge and Nairobi
Our Story
Our Mission

Katikati arose from the desire to improve humanitarian response through conversations

Lark Social Impact (LSI) was co-founded by Sharath Srinivasan, a social scientist, and Luke Church, a technologist, from collaborations at Cambridge University. Katikati benefits from the technology innovations of Lark Systems (which Luke founded) and learnings from the applied social impact work of Africa’s Voices Foundation (AVF) (which Sharath co-founded).
Early uses of Katikati were in AVF’s humanitarian response work with partners like UNICEF, Oxfam and UNDP to address Covid-19 risk communications and with Mastercard Foundation through the ‘Young Africa Speaks’ pilot to embed youth voice in the design and implementation of youth employment programmes. Since then, we have been busy building Katikati into a product that can be used by organisations across the globe that share our social mission.

We build conversation software for more valuable relationships

In principle, communications technologies endow people with great power and possibility. In reality, they have disregarded people and commodified exchanges.
Communications technologies have been designed in ways that do not serve people’s interests, but those of corporate data collection and commercial platforms. People are forced into standardised exchanges, nudged to generate vast quantities of interactions, often paying for these technologies with their attention. Exchanges between people, and between people and organisations, are exploited.
We created Katikati to enable organisations to build stronger, more valuable relationships with the people that matter to them. To achieve this, Katikati:
  • lets people speak in their own voice, instead of following a closed script
  • pays people attention, rather than take it from them
  • gives people the power, not the platform
Our commitment to this is real and embedded in our product's design. It is also why, with support from Twilio.org, we have released an open source Katikati which brings initial Katikati features to disaster management communication in humanitarian responses.

Built by a committed team from different backgrounds

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Build stronger, more valuable relationships with the people that matter to you.