We build communication technology for a new conversational intelligence

With others, you get automated messaging, data collection and statistics. With Katikati, your intelligent human-human conversations build stronger and more valuable relationships with the people you care about

Connect live with many people at once

People feel engaged and listened to

Human-led scale

Small teams can hold thousands of smart, thoughtful and responsive human-led conversations

Meet people where they are

Choose the right channel from toll-free SMS, Telegram, and Webchats, to have open-text conversations in their language

Convene conversations
with individuals or groups

Thoughtfully structured, yet free-flowing dialogues

Conversational journeys

Plan and shape conversational journeys with people, whilst also being responsive to each individual

Design expertise

We can bring our extensive socio-technical design expertise to help you tailor your conversational priorities and goals

Understand people and
conversations as they unfold

Real-time intuition building and responsive action

Integrated insights

Customise how conversations are interpreted and tagged to build rich real time insights

Responsive action

Configure conversation workflows that tie tagging to responsive action

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